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Arden create a safe and empowered space from which our clients can emerge with the skills and awareness to live a fulfilling life from a place of strength and authenticity.


Jarrien is the Founder of Arden, an organisation that focusses on supporting people to become the best versions of themselves, and to believe in their unlimited potential.
She is a qualified and accredited Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner with a particular interest in career coaching and well-being.
In 2019, Jarrien developed anxiety after experiencing some traumatic life events.  This resulted in her going on a ‘quest’ to deepen her understanding of herself, quieten the inner critic and celebrate her authentic self.
As she walked along this personal development journey, she began to feel the benefits that arose from generating her own solutions to challenges.  This empowering realisation, that the answer lies within all of us, was the catalyst that she needed to change her life.
Today, Jarrien teaches others to live a fuller life by building natural resilience and unleashing untapped purpose and motivation.
She is passionate about supporting good mental health, resilience and emotional wellbeing in the workplace, the home and to parents of young children.


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